The Future of Cannabis Cultivation

Creating new models and methods for cultivating high-end cannabis with unrivaled efficiency.

Vera is a Boulder-based cannabis cultivation company with a mission to meet the rigorous product demands of the cannabis industry. In an evolving and fiercely competitive landscape, where sourcing clean, high-end material is essential to maintaining brand identity, Vera is the preferred solution for the cannabis industry.

The Next Evolution in Cannabis Production

We combine all of the benefits of greenhouse production with the latest in indoor cultivation technology to create an unparalleled growth environment.

How it Works
Exceptional cannabis comes from a precisely controlled environment.

An Uncompromising Vision

We believe quality cannabis doesn’t have to come with a price tag on the environment.

Discover Vera

Unique Product

A revolutionary greenhouse environment and production system converge – producing high-end quality with enhanced sun-grown terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

Resource Efficient

State-of-the-art environmental control systems and innovative water recapture/reuse methods combine to create a holistic resource management protocol that drastically limits inputs necessary for production.

Commitment to Innovation

Vera is committed to pushing the envelope in facility design and operation. We are constantly seeking new methods and technology to enhance the Vera model.