Striving to improve cultivation systems for the future of cannabis

How It All Began

We identified fundamental problems inherent to the standard production models found within the cannabis industry. Indoor facilities create the best product but with unsustainable energy demands. Outdoor cultivation and traditional greenhouses can be efficient, but the quality of product is unreliable.

Our Vision

At Vera, we believe the solution lies between a greenhouse and an indoor environment. Our model – a fusion of both greenhouse and indoor benefits – will bridge the gap between greenhouse efficiency and indoor quality. We will demonstrate that the production of high-quality cannabis does not have to come with a price tag on the environment.

Our Promise

Values and Principles

We promise to continually operate with care and integrity. Efficiency and innovation are Vera's guiding principles. Creating and maintaining cultivation value for our industry partners is what drives us.


Meet the Team

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Unique Product

A revolutionary greenhouse environment and production system converge – producing high-end quality with enhanced sun-grown terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

Resource Efficient

State-of-the-art environmental control systems and innovative water recapture/reuse methods combine to create a holistic resource management protocol that drastically limits inputs necessary for production.

Commitment to Innovation

Vera is committed to pushing the envelope in facility design and operation. We are constantly seeking new methods and technology to enhance the Vera model.