Our facility and methods allow us to produce more for less


At Vera, we harness the incredible growth driving power of the sun and couple it with the latest in indoor cultivation methods and technology. Our priority is to create a unique product with an enhanced cannabinoid and terpene profile. From our ultra-efficient hydroponic system to the state-of-the-art environmental control system regulating our growing space, every component of our facility is custom designed to create superior cannabis for our industry partners.

Our Facility

Precision-Controlled Environment

The Vera facility offers us pinpoint control of the environment. With sophisticated climate control software, we can measure and modify environmental variables such as light, humidity, air temperature, root zone temperature, CO2 saturation, and air movement. Our production team monitors key data points through a plant’s life cycle, enabling them to optimize plant health and production results. By reviewing harvest data and then utilizing predictive analytics based on accumulated data points, we are perpetually improving the Vera method.

How We Grow


We use closed-loop recirculating-deep-water-culture systems to grow our cannabis. Plant roots are submerged in hyper-oxygenated water and have unfettered access to a pure bio-mineral nutrient solution. By constantly monitoring nutrient levels in our systems, plants are provided exactly what they need through every minute of their growth cycle.

Environmentally conscious

Resource Efficiency

Creating a sustainable production system was the driving motivation behind the development of the Vera facility. Minimizing electrical consumption is achieved through sophisticated energy limiting climate control. The abundance of Colorado sunshine enables us to curb artificial lighting use by 70%, relative to an indoor facility. 

We preserve every drop of water that enters the facility, and our spent irrigation water never leaves. Our water use is completely closed loop – discharging zero irrigation waste into city sewer systems, septic fields, or into the soil.

The Result

A Premium Product

The result of Vera’s structural and horticultural advantages is a singular product that’s consistently deliverable. Cannabis with unique terpene and cannabinoid levels elevated by the sun’s full spectrum, and visually striking flowers undamaged by the harsh conditions found in conventional greenhouses.

Unique Product

A revolutionary greenhouse environment and production system converge – producing high-end quality with enhanced sun-grown terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

Resource Efficient

State-of-the-art environmental control systems and innovative water recapture/reuse methods combine to create a holistic resource management protocol that drastically limits inputs necessary for production.

Commitment to Innovation

Vera is committed to pushing the envelope in facility design and operation. We are constantly seeking new methods and technology to enhance the Vera model.